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Memory Care Round Table: Know Your Person – June 21

Presenter: The Memory Care Learning Center
Event Date: 06/21/2021
Event Start Time: 03:00pm
Event End Time: 04:00pm

Memory Care Round Table: Know Your Person
Monday, June 21, 2021, time 3pm

Please join us for this event that encourages participation and conversation about dementia, behaviors and the experience of caring for a loved one with dementia. The Memory Care Round Table occurs monthly with a different topic each month. This event creates a space for you to ask questions of professionals in memory care or of other individuals who may have had similar experiences. The goal is to give you a space to ask questions and problem solve through situations with support surrounding you. This month’s meeting will center around the importance of knowing your person well; the more you know about your loved one with dementia, the better you can anticipate their wants and needs.

cost: $0

A recording of this event is not available. Please visit our Events page to review additional Event opportunities.