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Our Founding

Since its founding in 1945, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has provided seniors living in West Michigan with exemplary personalized care. The Memory Care Learning Center is Heritage’s commitment to meeting the next great challenge in senior care — the significant rise in the senior population and the accompanying rise in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


The impact of Alzheimer’s — the only leading cause of death in the United States that cannot be prevented or cured — cannot be understated. Its effects are felt by both the individual and family and friends who provide care, often with no compensation and little formal training.

That’s why the MCLC was created; to serve as a community resource for caregivers and loved ones navigating the often confusing, frustrating, and heartbreaking progression of dementia while providing care with love and dignity.


Our Offerings

Free programs and support groups at the Memory Care Learning Center are available for individuals caring for someone at home or in a senior care community. Participants learn practices and skills through sessions offered virtually. Once our physical center is complete, we will also offer in-person programming.

The Memory Care Learning Center’s resources help answer the question of “What’s next?” after the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Training and support for subsequent stages of the diseases help caregivers better engage someone with the disease while emphasizing dignity and compassion for both sides of the relationship.

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Our Network

As an extension of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, the Memory Care Learning Center draws upon Heritage’s long-standing and important role of the continuum of care for seniors since 1945 as well as the strong memory care provisions found within the two specialized communities of Amber Way and Amber Place.

Outside of Heritage Community, the Memory Care Learning Center has numerous partnerships with medical/research-based organizations and advocacy organizations dedicated to finding a cure for and treating Alzheimer’s and related disease, including:


We are also proud to work directly with a number of doctors, health professions, and organizations in the greater Kalamazoo area to provide support and resources for patients and their loved ones.


Our Supporters

Efforts to provide support, education, and compassionate information to caregivers of loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is supported by philanthropic gifts from individuals, organizations, and businesses.


We Can Help

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We are here to serve you and your loved ones!.

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